My House Is Flooded! How To Clean Up Effectively And Safely

If you have just had a flood, leaving portions of your home underwater, you will need to work fast in getting the water out of the structure to avoid excessive damage. Depending on the severity and urgency of the issue, you may need to do the job yourself. Here are some tips to follow when trying to clean up after a flood on your own. Take Precautions If the flood water comes from an outside water source, such as an overflowing river or water from a hurricane, you must be extremely careful in making sure none of the water touches exposed skin. Read More 

Learn How A Water Damage Company Can Help Repair Your Water Damaged Home

Water damage can occur in a home when there is not proper drainage around the home. If the water has nowhere to drain, it will settle next to the home and begin to eat away at the structure until it is so damaged that parts of the building actually need to be removed and completely replaced. If you have started to notice water collecting next to your home when it rains, it is important to call a professional water damage company right away. Read More 

Tackling Common Questions Concerning DIY Black Mold Testing Kits

Even though there are always professionals in the field of black mold removal available, you may be tempted to try to figure out if what you have in your home is the real deal on your own first. Mold testing kits can be bought in just about any retail or home improvement store and they will likely be the first thing you reach for. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning DIY black mold testing kits. Read More